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Alkmaar, 08/10/2020 

Policy plan 2021-2026

  • Until 2025, the policy of the Perspective 3000 Foundation is aimed at bringing its activities to the attention of a younger audience.
  • Perspective 3000 Foundation wants to consolidate existing contacts with third parties and enter into new contacts where this is possible and useful.
  • Given the situation in which many projects find themselves, it can be expected that requests will continue to be made for financial support.
  • Especially for such support, the Perspective 3000 Foundation has built up a financial reserve in recent years. This reserve can then be used to respond positively to such requests. This will be reported regularly via the newsletter on the website.
  • For each contribution, Perspective 3000 will first examine [by means of [financial] reports or project visit] what has been achieved with the donation and whether this was in accordance with the agreements, before proceeding with the next contribution.
  • In addition, the Perspective 3000 Foundation will look at each recruitment campaign to see whether a partnership can be entered into, with a [co] financing organization. Recruitment campaigns are started to finance and support a larger project.
  • Perspective 3000 Foundation continues to guarantee that any amount contributed by donors or sponsors for a specific project will be used 100% for the intended project or target group. The foundation has the ANBI status since 2007. This was definitively approved in 2010 by the Tax Inspector in Den Bosch.
  • Because of the costs involved, Perspective 3000 Foundation does not intend to apply for the CBF quality mark.


Hr. M.P. van den Berg, Alkmaar, voorzitter
Hr. G.M.G.G. Schneiders, Geleen, penningmeester/secretaris
Mevr. M. van Eeuwijk, Hemelum, lid
Mevr. J.E. van Vonno, Oudorp, erelid
Mevr. A. Zijlstra, Haarlem, lid
Hr. J.W. van de Pol, lid, webmaster

Remuneration / Remuneration Policy:

  • The board members do not receive any compensation and do not declare expenses.
  • Volunteers who are sent out may receive reimbursed: travel, vaccination and visa costs. They can also receive a host country grant.
  • Volunteers at Dutch activities do not receive any reward. They can, however, declare travel expenses.

Perspective 3000 Foundation wants to implement the policy with the following activities.

In the Netherlands

  • Information activities supplemented with flyers, newsletters, articles, website, Facebook and Instagram in Dutch and English.
  • Launch fundraising campaigns for projects identified and screened in the recipient country.
  • Establish contacts with co-financing organizations to determine to what extent they can support projects in the project country.

In the project country

  • Project screening and baseline measurement of the state of affairs on site.
  • Inventory of wishes and possibilities on site.
  • Setting up or expanding a library with reading and study books on the spot.
  • Local colleagues learn to establish contacts with co-financing organizations, to submit project applications and to provide substantive and financial reporting, both domestically and internationally.
  • Train the local colleagues in “Local Fund Raising”.
  • Purchase of teaching materials for schools and other institutions. Preferably in the project country itself.
  • Developing own teaching material by and for schools and other institutions.
  • Develop education in the field of horticulture and arboriculture.
  • Train the local colleagues, volunteers and teachers in interactive learning.
  • Train the local colleagues, volunteers and teachers in hygiene.

Activities ans support:

In Nepal

  • Advising, helping to finance and supporting activities of Sathya Uddhyan School [training + management advice].
  • Advice and training of Developed Nepal activities.

In Bangladesh

  • Advice and training of the Rights and Sight for Children team in Bangladesh.
  • Sponsorship of Sun Children in Patuakhali District through DCI (€ 144 per primary school child per year).
  • Sponsorship of Sun Children in Patuakhali District who are in secondary education. [Sponsorship stops when children move to another place, do not continue learning or get married before the age of 18]
  • Bonus for girls for each completed school year after 5th grade.
  • Incidental sponsorship of a necessary operation of a Sun Child and / or immediate family.

In Bolivia

  • Renovation of the library and kitchen of La Aldea Cristo Rey in Cochabamba.
  • Advice and training of the employees of La Aldea Cristo Rey.


Incidental financial support from former colleagues in the project countries.