For 2018 we have completed our drives. We organized a Nepali Benefit workshop / dinners with a result of € 3.390,

2018 Dinner


How can you support the project?

1) Invite friends, family and neighbors for a Nepalese Benefit workshop or Dinner at your home.

2) Organize a benefit Dinner at your work or school.

3) Apply for one of our planned Benefit Dinners at our home via info@perspective3000.org

4) Does none of these data fit? We are also very happy with a donation. Foundation Perspective 3000, Geleen NL88TRIO0197609473 mentioning Hostel Nepal.


In January 2019 we will start afresh. This time will be allocated to the Assembly Hall for Sathya Uddhyan School. Here children can eat and relax together.


We received a new request! The building of a Library in Kalaiya,

The nearest town to our supported project to the Sun Child Sponsorship Program.

We want to start with foundation and Library first.

We will see after that how to continue.

To realize this, we start begging with big sponsor organizations, but also with everyone who visits our website.

Each amount, however small, will bring us closer to our aim.

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