This is Kohinoor SUKP

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This is Kohinoor.

She is almost 3-year-old girl that visits SUKP regularly.
She never learned walking and does not use her legs properly as she is born with club feet.
When we saw her in November 2022, we spoke her parents and told them that clubfeet are operable and that Kohinoor could most probably learn to walk normally. Of course, the parents needed to overthink this, but eventually agreed to the operation. At the end of September 2023, she has been operated for the first time. Two more operations will be needed as her knees are contracted due to lack of use. After that a long time of rehabilitation is needed. Dr. Amin, from SUKP, arranged free operations for her with a surgeon-specialist he knows and we guarantee the costs of the rehabilitation. Kohinoor’s parents  will have to support their daughter in the process of learning to walk.
SUKP, Bangladesh.