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From our PROJECS:

COVID-19: Fase 1 € 15.000 +
Fase 2 € 7.500.
All the money for our COVID-19 drive has arrived at RSC’s Bank account and by now they have distributed relief money and soap for the 2nd time. This time to 111 families.

Covid 19 relief in September 2020, realised by Wilde Ganzen, Perspective 3000 and RSC

La Aldea Cristo Rey € 20.000
The 6th of September was the last drive for this project. Pepijn ran his alternative marathon successfully and could sponsor this project with € 2.000. Super! He organized his drive very well and the weather was nice to run. That always helps of course.
Herewith we completed our aim and could transfer our share to Wild Geese. By now La Aldea has realized all information and the total of € 20.000 can be transferred to them. As soon as the lock-down [yes, in Bolivia too] is over, they can start with the renovation of the library and the kitchens.

Sathya Uddhyan Activity hall € 28.197
Rashmi already received her money earlier. This year Nepal has a very bad rainy season, with a lot of landslides. The rains still have not stopped, so she cannot start the construction. Lucky for her the retention wall we built earlier has protected her school area well. In the meantime, the children that are in school receive hygiene lessons.