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From our PROJECTS:

COVID-19: Phase 1 € 15.000.
The first part of the money for the COVID 19 action for has entered the account of RSC and they have immediately started phase 1 of the COVID-19 project. 72 families are very happy with the help they will receive in the coming months for their basic needs. In addition, they receive a one-off amount to start a small business or to earn an income for a longer period of time in another way. All in all, this project will run for almost a year, as they also receive advice from RSC on the start-up, set-up and implementation of their company. Phase 1 was made possible with donations from our regular donors and Wilde Ganzen.


COVID 19: Phase 2 € 7.500.
In the meantime, everything has also been completed for phase 2, where another 39 families will benefit from the extra help. Phase 2 was made possible with donations from Stichting Jong en Wilde Ganzen.

SCSP: € 4.000.
We have now received the, due to Covid-19, delayed reporting from our Sun Children and forwarded it to our donors. With the exception of a few, everyone has passed and they receive adjusted guidance. Only for class 11 of Rikta and Sajib we do not know yet their results, because those schools are still closed. We know that Sajib has passed and that Rikta faithfully does her homework. We have transferred the amount for six months school fees + the corresponding bonuses for the girls who are allowed to continue studying after primary school.

Sathya Uddhyan: Activity hall € 28,197.

The money for the Activity Hall has been transferred to Sathya Uddhyan School. As far as we know, construction will start as soon as the rainy season ends in September. Rashmi has again passed on all data to WG.

La Aldea Cristo Rey € 20.000
Meanwhile we have realized an agreement with Wilde Ganzen for this project. This is due to very extensive good information sent by Bolivia, which answered all questions from Wilde Ganzen satisfactorily. We are busy with our drives to be able to start this project successfully. The first activity is a sponsored run on September 6. In addition, various funds have been written to. We aim to have enough funds to start this project by mid-September.

From the BOARD:
Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the board cannot meet yet. That is why Mart and Elly meet monthly and share the minutes with the other board members.
1. We have a roll up banner made for P3M, which we can use at events.
2. September 6, there is an alternative marathon, organized by Pepijn, which can be sponsored. The revenue is for the new project in Bolivia. Look for this on our drive page.
3. Jaap, who now maintains the website with great enthusiasm, has agreed to strengthen our board. Of course, we are very happy with that.