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This will be a short newsletter to share the state of affairs with you. Our Board cannot come together, but we keep each other posted through phone and email.

COVID-19 Drive. Aim € 15.000. Realised €22.500 per July 2020.
Here we achieved more than our original aim, € 12.500 of Perspective 3000 and €10.000 from Wild Geese. The total of € 22.500 will be enough to help 105 needy families. These families will receive a small amount in cash for their daily food + 2 pieces of soap during 4 months. After that they receive once a larger amount to start a micro-credit activity. This will be guided and supervised by RSC who will also do the evaluation after half a year. Our aim is to be better prepared when a similar crisis occurs. Through our donors we already received almost € 3.000. The rest came from funds.

Next to that we received message that 68 Sun Children got their Secondary School Certificate. Among them also some sponsored through Perspective 3000. Super!! The Primary School results are not out yet, but as soon as schools may open again, we are expecting the reports.

RSC voedseldistributie
68 Sun Children geslaagd!

ACTIVITYHALL for Sathya Uddhyan School. Aim € 28.197. Realised per July 2020.
The original aim was € 25.000 to cover the costs of this hall. Later this amount had to be corrected due to higher building costs. In this project again Wild Geese is our partner. Perspective 3000 brings in € 18.798 and Wild Geese tops it with € 9.399 making a total of
€ 28.197. By now we transferred our contribution to Wild Geese. They are waiting for a GO from Rashmi, of Sathya Uddhyan, because also in Nepal, schools, Banks and Building Companies are in lockdown. In total over € 5.500 we received from donors and the remaining came from funds.

At this moment most children are at home because of lockdown. The school is closed. In the hostel the 6 children that are staying there have no other place to go, but you can see, they cope beautifully.

Renovation LIBRAY annex STUDY room La Aldea + Renovation of the Kitchen.
Aim: € 15.000. Still running.

The costs for this project are € 15.000. We submitted this project officially and already started with the fundraising. Because of the 2 drives for Nepal and Bangladesh were more urgent, we still are busy with this project. By now we have almost 50% of the funds needed.

La Aldea kids
La Aldea kids