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Own logo, Fb page and Instagram!
Our new board member Ambia got to work energetically and Perspective 3000 recently has its own logo! It’s already on the website. In addition, a Facebook page and an Instagram page have been created. If possible, we put news with a nice photo on it every week.

Website finally updated again!
After a lot of trouble with our website in 2019, we finally are fully up to date, thanks to our enthusiastic neighbour Jaap. We really hope he will help us as long as his predecessor Hans. We want to thank all who helped us during last year.

NEPAL, de Sathya Uddhyan School.
We submitted the project proposal for the Activity hall of the Sathya Uddhyan School with Wild Goose Foundation together with our plan how to raise the funds. We just signed a new MOU with them and can start.

Fund raising for the Activity Hall.
In the meantime, we already started with the planning of activities. In March our first planned Nepali Benefit Dinner was cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions and we also had to cancel our new date in May. We only can wait how things are developing before we can start planning new dates.
We encounter the same problems with a big Event we were planning on Saturday June 13th in our home town. This had to be cancelled as well and we have to wait before we can set a new date. The aim was, next to raise funds, to create an opportunity to give Perspective 3000 more publicity and so enrol more donors. There would be information, a clown, a Nepalese dancer and flute player and workshops mandala, cooking and yoga. Also, there would be an auction and a quiz.
For the moment we are looking into other options to raise the funds for the Hall. We already received nice contributions from St. Dr.HJM Hofsteefund and St. Jan van der Pouw Kraan Fund. We also will use the amount that Jong Foundation returned in December for this cause. At the moment we already raised half of the necessary amount.

COVID 19 in Nepal.
At this moment, most of the children of Sathya Uddhyan School have been sent home. Just like in the Netherlands, there is an intelligent lock-down. The few children who do not have their own home, stay at the school with Rashmi. At the moment they do not need any additional help, so we focus on the recruitment activities for the Activities Hall.

BANGLADESH, Sun Child Sponsorship Program.
Thanks to people who wanted to sponsor a child, we are able to support again 5 new Sun Children via Perspective 3000 in 2020. This brings the total to 32. Now we have to wait for the school results of all our Sun Children. We usually receive it at the end of April, but due to the lock-down it probably will be later this year.

COVID 19 in Bangladesh.
And then COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works, because the virus has also turned up in Bangladesh and everyone has to stay at home. The RSC office in Dhaka is closed until further notice. For the rural population of Shoula, where our Sun Children live, the lock-down is a disaster. As a direct result, they suddenly have no work and no income. That is why RSC and Perspective 3000 started a drive together to compile and distribute food packages for the poorest families. See also our drive page. The first ones we approached were the people who have been faithfully sponsoring a Sun Child for many years and many of them have already made an extra donation. RSC has already been able to distribute the first 125 packages. Since we expect the crisis to continue for several months, we will continue to take action for the time being, so that we can transfer an amount every month. Also, we requested Wild Goose to help us by doubling our efforts.

BOLIVIA, La Aldea Cristo Rey.
In Bolivia COVID – 19 seems to be not too bad for the time being. Few cases have been reported in Cochabamba. Most of the sick live in the warm east side of the country.
As we mentioned in the January newsletter, we want to help La Aldea in Cochabamba renovate their library and convert it into an inviting multipurpose space. We also want to help them renovate their kitchen. The project proposal for this was discussed with the Wild Goose Foundation. They still had a number of questions and we have now forwarded the answers. While they are discussing this, we have already started to explore options for co-financing. If Wild Goose supports us, we will have to collect € 10,000,- ourselves.