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2019 was a successful year for Perspective 3000. We thank all that have contributed to that.


Stage Animals 2019

In August we had a very nice Street drive called Stage Animals. We wrote about it in last newsletter.

Spring Drive 2020

In 2020 we plan a new drive here in the neighbourhood. Our new board member Ambia and her friend Melissa are going to take the lead. Aim is to interest new [younger] people in Perspective 3000 as donors or volunteer. Details of this will follow later. 

Nepalese dinner and cooking workshops 2020

We are ready again to organise new Nepalese dinner/workshops. Do you like Nepalese food and always wanted to learn how to cook them?

Just organise a group of at least 10 people and we fix a date together to realise it for a good cause.

Costs € 25 p/p

Waar willen  we dit geld aan besteden?


Sathya Uddhyan

Multi-purpose hall for Sathya Uddhyan € 25.000

Mart visited the Sathya Uddhyan school last November. He was satisfied by the upkeep of the school and hostel, we helped building earlier. What remains is a place where the children can eat and recreate. In 2017 costs for this were aimed a € 10.000, but when the real quotation arrived it was raised up to € 25.000. The extra costs were caused by a concrete roof instead of the earlier planned corrugated iron roof. Sathya Uddhyan has too little space for all children and with a flat roof extra space is created for the children to play.

In 2020 our drives are aimed to raise the necessary funds to realise this. Also Wild Geese Foundation agreed that we submit a project plan again.


The Sun Child Sponsorship [SCSP]

€ 4.464

Already since 2010 we sponsor children from the Sun Child Sponsorship Programme [SCSP].

We pay school fees for children from poor families. The organization for this is done by a local NGO, Rights and Sight for Children [RSC], with whom we have a good relationship. It is that good, that we raised the number of sponsored children again. For the sponsored Sun Children we have a group of very loyal donors. Most of them want a new Sun Child, when ‘their’ child finishes education, moves to another place or marries. In 2019 we took 10 new Sun Children and in 2020 we will add 5 more for sponsoring. The total number of Sun Children will be at 31 then.

Our Bonusprogramme

€ 4.750 van AFAS

To motivate parents to continue their daughters ecucation after Primary school we created a Bonus Programme for our Sun Child Girls. This is a rising Bonus. For each year their daughter has successfully passed parents receive Tk 1000 more. By now all [except the 10 new ones] are in secondary school. For this we look for extra donations each year to be able to guarantee the Bonusses.

In 2019 we found AFAS to fund this programme for us. 2019 was the first year some girls would complete secondary school and start next level of education. Aimed costs € 4.750.

2019 however became a sad year for us. Two girls did not want to continue education, four girls were married and one stopped for other reasons. As a result we did not use the total amount we received from AFAS. We are happy AFAS agreed to use the remaining money for the Bonusses of 2020. It will exactly be enough.

For 2021 we will have to look again for other funds.

Library in Kalaiya

Kalaiya is situated in the centre of SCSP activities. RSC dreamed of installing a multi-functional building here, with a library and computer room at the ground floor, an eye clinic  at the 1st floor and on the next floors offices, a training centre and a guestroom.  

We were able to find a donor to go along with RSC and by now the library [phase 1] and computer room have been realised. Last November the sponsor has visited Bangladesh and spoke with the project leaders. He is satisfied with the progress and their justification of phase 1, so RSC can apply for Phase 2. We are very proud of our counterparts of RSC who are dedicated to do the job. We got message they also could make an application for one of their other projects. Perspective 3000 is invited to do a training on library and computer issues. They also like a follow-up training on raising local funds.


La Aldea Cristo Rey

€ 15.000.

In November 2019 we received a new project application from Bolivia. We are in contact with this project since 2005, when we visited children in a prison in Cochabamba. The parents of these children were accused of drug delicts [coca], but could not afford the costs of their trial. They brought their children with them. Since that time much has improved.

The children now live in La Aldea [which means village] Christo Rey. On request of the Government the Diocese Cochabamba took the responsibility for education of these children and from there on the responsibility lies with the Order of St. Augustinus.

La Aldea wants to renovate their study and recreation room as well as their kitchen. We already saw that this was necessary when we visited the children in 2017. By the end of January we have an appointment with Wild Geese Foundation to find out if they will consider to co-finance this application.

Yearly board meeting

Establishing a Marijke fund

By the end of 2018 we received a nice gift out of a heritage. We took our time to find out how to use this to the best of our abilities. The deceased had fixed in her will, that the benefit should go to children in poor countries and she knew Perspective 3000. We decided that the heritage should be divided equally over our 3 project countries. In this way it benefits the biggest number of children.

A part will got to La Aldea Cristo Rey as she knew the situation of the imprisoned children in Cochabamba. Another part will go to Sathya Uddhyan and a part to SGCP. A small amount will be hold in reserve f.e. to finance our bonus programme in 2021.

New Board Member

We are happy also to announce that we have a new board member.

Our board now exists of: Mart president;  Giel finance; Elly funds; Coby en Marga member and Ambia, who starts with organising our Spring Drive. She wants to motivate a new [younger] group of people for Perspective 3000.

This spring Perspective 3000 will evaluate past 5 years and make a new 5 year plan. Our financial justification will also soon be available on the website.